Robot War Engine

Robot War Engine is an open-source real-time strategy game engine that supports Total Annihilation data and mods. Read more on our About page or view the project on Github.

Development Status

RWE is currently incomplete, read the blog posts to find out about the latest progress.

With TA data files, the Skirmish menu path works and you can load into the game, walk your commander around and fire your laser at other commanders until you both explode. You can also do this to other players on the internet, using the included launcher application to host or join a multiplayer game room. Work is currently focused on implementing the in-game UI.

Latest Posts

Progress Update 2019-11-13

Hi all. It’s time for a surprise midweek update to make up for missing the last two weeks.

Since last time, I ran another network test of RWE with gamma and WereWolf on The Cold Place, with promising results. It also revealed quite a few bugs! Some of these have already been fixed, but others are still on my todo list.

I’ve been using a GitHub project to maintain a rough task list and track progress, feel free to have a look if you want more visibility into what I’m doing:

Some new features since last time:

  • It’s now possible to configure resolution and fullscreen from the RWE launcher.
  • RWE now captures the mouse cursor, so it’s practical to nudge the edges of the screen to move the camera.
  • The left-click interface mode is supported, and is now the default interface mode. You can change it back to right-click mode from the RWE settings dialog in the launcher.

I’ve also integrated some new debugging features and fixed some bugs.

The focus for now continues to be on fixing bugs and adding high priority features to make the current multiplayer experience more pleasant. Eventually we should get to the point where it’s actually fun to play a limited subset of TA within the engine.

For today’s gif, here are those left-click interface cursor animations in action.

Lastly, a big thanks to MattyWS for signing up as a new sponsor since the last update!


Progress Update 2019-10-27

Hi all

This week, RWE learned how to render weapons that use models and sprites – render types 1, 3, 4 and 6 in the weapon TDF files. Now you can finally see some more interesting projectiles than lasers, such as missiles and cannon shells.

RWE also learned about ballistic trajectories. Weapons that are ballistic now fire in an arc and are affected by gravity rather than shooting in a straight line.

Some ballistic weapons exhibit some amount of overshooting compared to their TA counterparts. During my testing I discovered that TA does something to correct for overshooting, and I have implemented something similar in RWE, but I have not quite reproduced the original behaviour. For now this should be okay, but I would like to eventually revisit this.

I also ran the first multiplayer network test of RWE today, and successfully played a short game against gamma on Comet Catcher. Since it’s now possible to play a complete game including mobile ground units, I’m officially upgrading the project status to its next working title: Total GroundWar

For this week I have two gifs, showing off cannon shells, which are sprites, and missiles, which are models.

Next I will be working on feedback and polish from the network test to make the game more playable for my early network testers.

Last but not least, thank you so much to my sponsors on Github for your continued support! All these kind people are new sponsors since my last update:

  • EnJoY120
  • brdann (Boris Danilov)
  • jimster480
  • msafta (Marius Safta)
  • gab (gabba)
  • AlainLi

And an extra special thanks to cosmouser (FN202), who committed to sponsoring me at a whopping $25/month!! :o

2019-10-27-progress 2019-10-27-progress-2

Progress Update 2019-10-13

Hi all

This week I’ve been mostly testing RWE in network games between two computers on my LAN and shaking out bugs. Things seem to be stable now so I’m interested in moving to tests with other players very soon.

I’ve also resumed work on engine features. This week, I added the ability for units to assist building an incomplete building, or resume building a building that they started constructing but then abandoned.

Next week the plan is to move the focus back to weapons and implement support for more weapon types.

Lastly, a special announcement for those of you who have asked about the ability to send donations: I’ve been accepted into the Github sponsorship programme, which promotes open-source work by allowing you to sponsor a developer for a fixed amount every month. Github takes no fee for themselves, and for the first year Github is also covering the payment processor’s fee and will match any donations you make, so it’s an incredibly efficient way to show your support.

You can sponsor me at

I’ve set up a $5/month tier as a suggestion, but if you would like to contribute a different amount, contact me and I will see what I can do. For now I still don’t have plans to offer a way for you to send me a one-time donation, but I appreciate your support all the same.

Thanks so much already to SnakeInTheMirror and Werewolf – my first two sponsors!! I’m very humbled by your donations, it means a lot to me that you appreciate my work.

For this week’s gif, here you can see the commander being instructed to help out a construction vehicle on the advanced vehicle lab.


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