Robot War Engine

Progress Update 2019-11-13

Hi all. It’s time for a surprise midweek update to make up for missing the last two weeks.

Since last time, I ran another network test of RWE with gamma and WereWolf on The Cold Place, with promising results. It also revealed quite a few bugs! Some of these have already been fixed, but others are still on my todo list.

I’ve been using a GitHub project to maintain a rough task list and track progress, feel free to have a look if you want more visibility into what I’m doing:

Some new features since last time:

I’ve also integrated some new debugging features and fixed some bugs.

The focus for now continues to be on fixing bugs and adding high priority features to make the current multiplayer experience more pleasant. Eventually we should get to the point where it’s actually fun to play a limited subset of TA within the engine.

For today’s gif, here are those left-click interface cursor animations in action.

Lastly, a big thanks to MattyWS for signing up as a new sponsor since the last update!