Robot War Engine

Progress Update 2019-10-13

Hi all

This week I’ve been mostly testing RWE in network games between two computers on my LAN and shaking out bugs. Things seem to be stable now so I’m interested in moving to tests with other players very soon.

I’ve also resumed work on engine features. This week, I added the ability for units to assist building an incomplete building, or resume building a building that they started constructing but then abandoned.

Next week the plan is to move the focus back to weapons and implement support for more weapon types.

Lastly, a special announcement for those of you who have asked about the ability to send donations: I’ve been accepted into the Github sponsorship programme, which promotes open-source work by allowing you to sponsor a developer for a fixed amount every month. Github takes no fee for themselves, and for the first year Github is also covering the payment processor’s fee and will match any donations you make, so it’s an incredibly efficient way to show your support.

You can sponsor me at

I’ve set up a $5/month tier as a suggestion, but if you would like to contribute a different amount, contact me and I will see what I can do. For now I still don’t have plans to offer a way for you to send me a one-time donation, but I appreciate your support all the same.

Thanks so much already to SnakeInTheMirror and Werewolf – my first two sponsors!! I’m very humbled by your donations, it means a lot to me that you appreciate my work.

For this week’s gif, here you can see the commander being instructed to help out a construction vehicle on the advanced vehicle lab.