Robot War Engine

Progress Update 2019-04-21

Hi all! It’s been a long time since the last update. Sadly real-life things have prevented me from giving the project as much attention as it deserves, but I’ve recently found time to work on RWE again and I’m pleased to present a new progress update once again.

Since last time, RWE has learnt a few new things!

I have spent some time observing how TA does resource calculations and I have come up with a system that appears to work similarly to TA. Here are some interesting observations:

For today’s gif, here’s a demo of the resource bars working as the commander builds a solar collector. You will notice they update instantly – I have yet to implement the animation/tweening that TA does between states, but it’s on the to-do list.

Next the focus is going to be on rendering the bottom bar, which shows information about the hovered over unit or build button. After that, I will move on to factories.