Robot War Engine

Progress Update 2019-01-27

Hi all! This week, RWE learnt about how to build things. You can now place down buildings and the commander will build them! This includes, of course, the trusty Light Laser Tower (LLT). This means that RWE has officially been upgraded to the title of LLT Creep: The Game.

I have implemented a very rough version of the TA build effect. The shader code is a port of the build effect I wrote for the Supreme Commander mod SC:TA some 10 years ago. Currently the effect looks quite lacklustre – certainly much less impressive than my work in Supreme Commander – because RWE doesn’t render the wireframe. I want to implement this eventually, but it’s not a priority.

There is still some work to be done to polish off the building logic. For example, right now it’s possible to build buildings anywhere, regardless of slope, water, or other obstructions. RWE still does not have the concept of resources, so buildings are always built at full speed. Finally, I also have not yet implemented the nanolathe particle effect.

The next goal is to finish off work on the functional aspects of building, including adding the concept of resources. Then I will think about adding the particle effect.

Today’s gif shows our newly empowered commander constructing a wind generator.