Robot War Engine

Progress Update 2019-01-13

Hi all, welcome to the first update of 2019! For this update I’ve been working on implementing the build menus for units. RWE now knows when a unit is a builder and displays any build GUIs that are defined for it in .gui files. You can switch between the orders menu and build menu and cycle between pages of the build menu. You can click on the unit pictures too, but right now they don’t do anything.

RWE doesn’t yet know about the generic build GUIs (ARMDL.GUI, CORDL.GUI) and download/*.tdf files. This will be implemented at some point, hopefully soon.

The next goal is to implement build orders so that the commander can actually be told to build things. I’ve already made a little bit of progress on this which I shared in the #robot-war-engine channel on the TAUniverse Discord. Join me there to see the latest progress pics of features as I implement them!

Today’s gif shows off the new build menu features.