Robot War Engine

Progress Update 2018-05-06

This week RWE learnt to accept info about players on the command line when being started directly into a game. This is one of the first steps needed to be able to launch RWE into a network game from another program or as a developer for debugging.

I have also been working on some initial network code, however this is still a work in progress. In the network branch, the loading screen now knows about network players and will communicate with them as the game is loading. The engine will only switch from the loading screen to the game once all players have finished loading. This is a small feature but a lot of work was needed to set up the network libraries and decide the architecture, so getting it merged into the master branch will be a decent achievement.

No gifs this week unfortunately, and probably not for a while as the focus will remain on adding network support. This will take several more weeks at the very least, but once it’s done RWE will be able to support an actual multiplayer game.