Robot War Engine

Progress Update 2018-03-18

This week RWE learnt about weapon impact effects and a bit more about targetting. Weapons now play their impact sound and explosion when they collide with terrain and units now aim for the enemy unit’s sweetspot. Units will also automatically engage their weapons if an enemy comes into range.

This week I have not one but two gifs for you, the first showing impact effects and the second showing a little commander duel. Unfortunately lasers still pass harmlessly through enemy units so the commanders are still somewhat unable to fully express their opinions to each other.

Impact effects are also not done, as typically there is also a white glow and smoke effect when a weapon hits. I might skip these for now and work them in later once more of the engine is complete.

Next week I will work on allowing projectiles to collide with units and introducing the concept of HP and damage.

2018-03-18-progress 2018-03-18-progress-2