Robot War Engine

Progress Update 2018-03-04

This week I was a bit naughty, I said I was going to work on weapon firing but really I didn’t do that. Instead I investigated crash reporting services and started doing some work to integrate crash reporting into RWE. I think this will be a huge time saver in the long run as it will make it easier for me to get the information I need to find and fix bugs.

Crash reporting is a very common problem so I was eager to avoid having to solve this myself, as I’m sure it’s already been done much better elsewhere. Crash reporters have two parts, a client that creates a crash report when the program crashes and a server that receives the reports. Unfortunately, the client libraries I investigated expect you to be building with the Microsoft Visual C++ compiler if you’re on Windows, but I’m using MinGW. Rather than try and make something work with MinGW, I decided to try and make RWE work with Microsoft’s compiler so I can use one of these libraries. I’m happy to report that getting RWE to compile there was a success, but it did take up most of my time this week so I don’t have any new features to show off.

Next week I will get back on track with weapons and projectiles. I plan to put crash reporting on hold for a bit as getting the basic engine done should take priority, but now it will be easier to add crash reporting when the time is right.