Robot War Engine

Progress Update 2018-02-25

This week RWE learnt more about attack orders and weapon firing. Units will now move into range when they are given an order to attack an enemy unit and can now play their firing animations and sounds. RWE also now properly reads in weapon data (before I cheated and just hardcoded the values for ARMCOM).

To demonstrate firing I did record a gif featuring my usual star, the ARM Commander, but I thought that a more fearsome demonstration might be had by wielding CORE’s ultimate weapon, the mighty Krogoth, against them.

Unfortunately the Krogoth is a lot less threatening without any ammo for his cannons.

You may also notice that the Krogoth’s head laser doesn’t turn. Do not fear, this will soon be fully functional, I just haven’t quite plugged all the bits together yet for secondary and tertiary weapons.

Next week I will work on polishing off aiming and firing logic and start on implementing the projectiles that weapons fire.