Robot War Engine

Progress Update 2018-02-11

This week, RWE learnt about weapons, attack orders and aiming.

Units can now be ordered to attack the ground (by pressing A and left-clicking the ground) or other units (by pressing A and left-clicking them, or by just right-clicking them). RWE shows the correct cursor as appropriate and now supports animated cursors, so you can see the attack cursor in all its threatening glory.

Units understand that they may have some number of weapons (potentially more than 3) but don’t really know anything about them yet. As a simple starting point, units will try to carry out an attack ground order by aiming their primary weapon at the target location (calling their AimPrimary script). For demonstration purposes, once they have finished aiming, they assume that the target has been destroyed (never actually the case for attack ground, I know) and consider the order completed (calling their TargetCleared script). They don’t know what to do about orders to attack a unit yet.

Next week I will continue work on units’ understanding of attack orders and improve weapon behaviour to allow units to use all their weapons.

Today’s gif shows how the commander can now aim at a target and then restore position once the target has been “destroyed”. Also, the animated cursors. (The select cursor is also finally animated!)