Robot War Engine

Progress Update 2017-11-19

This week, RWE learnt that units can collide with features and with other units. Now the commander can no longer walk through trees. Of course, the commander doesn’t have any pathfinding logic yet, so he’ll still try to anyway.

I also implemented this handy debug view so we can see where the engine thinks units are internally for the purpose of collision, which is currently toggled with F9. There’s a similar view in TA. To see the one in TA, enter “+now Film Chris Include Reload Assert”, press F11, then press “m” to cycle the modes until you find it.

Next I’ll look at implementing pathfinding so the commander can successfully make his way around the forest in the face of these new obstacles.

Edit: I forgot to mention, given these recent technological advancements, it seems only fair to officially upgrade the project status from “Map Viewer Extreme” to a much more fitting “Commander Walker Pro”.