Robot War Engine

Progress Update 2017-11-12

This week, RWE learnt about unit move orders. After selecting a unit you can now right-click (sorry left-click users!) to issue a move order, and the unit will carry out that order. You can also use shift to queue up move orders and press the “S” key to stop a unit. Units follow the terrain contour but there’s no collision or pathfinding yet, so walking through trees is no problem.

Now that units can move I also added a few other minor enhancements. Features are largely drawn in the correct order when they overlap a unit. Units also take a movement penalty when walking in water and are tinted appropriately when then step in. I also snuck in unit shadows, and you’ll notice that they are a little bit more realistic than those in TA, where mobile units have only simple drop-shadows. This is one of those improvements where it was easier to do than what TA does (I needed to implement shadows like this anyway for buildings) and the outcome should be better overall.

Next I’ll be focusing on introducing the concept of unit collision and potentially simple pathfinding.

In today’s gif, now that he can finally stretch his legs, the Arm Commander is going for a cool, refreshing swim.